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Bond Street Dental is a teeth whitening specialty dental clinic in the heart of Toronto.

Advanced Teeth Whitening

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening $349
  • Or $195 once New Patient Exam and Teeth Cleaning is completed
  • Whitens up to 14 Shades in Only One Hour!


At Bond Street Dental we offer the latest in teeth whitening technology and services at the lowest prices in Toronto.


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Toronto’s Trusted Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic

A white and bright smile boosts your confidence while adding to your natural charm. Oral health is also linked to overall well-being. Although close to 73 percent of people in Canada brush twice a day as recommended by dentists, many are concerned about the discoloration of their teeth. At Bond Street Dental, our highly experienced specialists offer the most professional teeth whitening services in Toronto to ensure your smile is as charming as you are.

What Causes Discoloration of Teeth?

A tooth has three layers, with the outermost layer being enamel that is white in color. The middle layer is the dentin that is yellowish in color while the innermost layer is the pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves. The natural color of teeth is created when light falls on and scatters off the enamel in combination of the yellowish dentin.


Genetics and aging are two factors that affect the color of teeth. While aging thins down the enamel layer, some people have a thinner enamel layer, allowing more of the yellowish tinge of the dentin layer to show through. The color of the teeth is also affected by the smoothness or roughness of the enamel layer.

Apart from these, the enamel layer has tiny pores that can absorb stains from food, drink or tobacco. Drinking dark-colored fluids such as cola, red wine, tea or coffee, smoking, and lack of oral hygiene can result in yellowing of teeth over time. Some acidic foods can also erode the outer enamel, making it easier for colored pigments in foods to enter the pores.

The other reasons for teeth discoloration are the use of certain medications including tetracycline antibiotics in pregnancy which can stain the child’s teeth, trauma, habitual teeth grinding or excess exposure to a chemical called fluoride.

As most stains are caused on the outer surface or the enamel, professional teeth whitening procedures are highly effective in removing the discoloration, bringing back the original glory of bright and white teeth.

The Best of Teeth Whitening Treatments in Canada

At Bond Street Dental, we offer the most advanced teeth whitening services in Toronto. With extensive experience in professional teeth whitening, we have restored the natural color of teeth in thousands of patients which has made us the preferred teeth whitening services provider in Toronto.

At Bond Street Dental, a free consultation is the first step. During the free session, our expert cosmetic dentist conducts a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and the oral cavity to identify any potential problems such as gum disease, tooth decay or other intrinsic issues that can hamper teeth whitening treatment. The cosmetic dentist also discusses in detail the different teeth whitening treatment options available and the procedure that is best suited for you. Our expert also highlights the results that you can expect along with the care you need to take following the procedure.

After the in-depth consultation, the recommended teeth whitening procedure is carried out using cutting-edge technology perfected through years of practice. At Bond Street Dental, we combine the best of experience and skill to ensure a flawless, bright, and white set of teeth that boost your confidence.

While our cosmetic dentists excel in wide-ranging teeth whitening procedures, our aim is to guide and empower our patients to select the most suitable option that can deliver the desired results. We follow an open, transparent, and honest approach, from explaining the merits and possible side effects of each procedure to providing a cost estimate upfront. Our affordable pricing and a no-pressure approach have made us the most trusted teeth whitening services provider in Toronto. Here are some of the teeth whitening procedures we specialize in:

Vital Whitening with Zoom

Vital whitening procedures are carried out on teeth that are “living” and consist of a bleaching gel being applied directly on the surface of the teeth and using heat or light source to activate the gel.

Many people who look for instant teeth whitening find Zoom whitening to be the best option. The in-office procedure is completed within an hour while our experts recommend a thorough evaluation and teeth cleaning prior to Zoom whitening. The pain-free procedure involves applying Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel and Zoom lamp that speeds up the action of the gel. The Zoom lamp allows more oxygen to enter the outer enamel layer to remove the stains while the structure of the teeth is intact. There are three fifteen-minute sessions in total, and a fresh layer of gel is applied for each session to achieve optimum teeth whitening.

You are free to listen to music, watch TV or relax during the procedure. You are also given a set of touch-up kit including whitening trays that are custom-fitted for use at home along with our dentist’s instructions on how to use the kit. Our experts also provide comprehensive advice on how to maintain the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. This includes avoiding certain colored foods such as cola, red wine, coffee, and tea, and smoking, as well as guidelines on brushing and flossing.

Non-Vital Whitening

This form of whitening is performed on a tooth that is not “living” or has a root-canal treatment done where the stain is from within the deeper layers of the tooth rather than the surface. In this procedure, our cosmetic dentist will place the whitening agent in the deeper layer of the tooth and use a temporary filling to cover the tooth. After several days, the discoloration is eliminated.

Before and after teeth whitening

Which procedure is right for me?

While vital whitening treatments are effective in most cases of surface discoloration, it may not be suitable in cases where there is severe discoloration. Our experts will recommend other options including porcelain veneers or composite bonding to address extensive discoloration.

Our dentists are highly skilled in ensuring the bleaching agents or the UV light used to activate the gel do not damage the oral cavity and gum tissue. With minimal tooth sensitivity and zero downtime, you are sure to enjoy flaunting your bright and white teeth for many years to come.